Air Filters

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The air filter could be compared to the automobile’s lungs. It is designed to eliminate the dust contained in the ambient air taken in by the engine. Depending on their capacity, engines at full load can take in between 200 and 500m³ of air per hour. This air contains a varying amount of impurities depending on the country, the weather conditions, the road surface, etc. If this dust is not filtered, it will cause premature wear of the engine.

To ensure a high level of filter performance and quality, COOPERSFIAAM has the essential high performance industrialization know-how.

COOPERSFIAAM recommends replacement of the air filter at least once per year, preferably at the same time as the oil filter, because a regular replacement of the air filter ensures:

  • Maintenance of vehicle performance and fuel economy
  • Optimum engine output
  • A better protected and less environmentally polluting engine (and consequently an acceptable level of exhaust emissions for anti-pollution regulations

The COOPERSFIAAM comprehensive range of quality air filters covers virtually all the vehicles on the road today and tomorrow.

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