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Cabin3Tech+, the innovative cabin air filter launched by Sogefi at the last Automechanika Frankfurt, is available for order. 56 new references, which cover over up to 150 million cars around Europe, including multiple brands such as Peugeot, DS, Toyota, Renault, Fiat, Volkswagen, and many more!

Cabin3Tech+ is the latest Sogefi‘s innovation made for you and your vehicle. It combines the best in cabin filtration technology for your protection! It efficiently filters large particles (like a pollen filter), neutralizes odours and hazardous fumes in the air (as an activated carbon filter) and stops up to 98.8% of fine particles as small as 2.5 microns.

Regularly replacing the cabin air filter is necessary for the well-being and longevity of all occupants of the vehicle. With this innovation, Sogefi and its aftermarket brands, together with distributors and garages, contribute to improve your health.

It is important to change the cabin air filter annually or every 15.000 km (max), not only to maintain a high-level of air quality inside the vehicle, but also to ensure that the ventilation system functions properly – a clogged filter can hinder the ventilation system causing fogging and decreasing visibility on the windscreen.

Do you know that the air inside your car can be almost 4x more polluted than the air outside?
To find information on this topic and discover more about the Cabin3Tech+ with its three layers of protection which progressively remove contaminants, and much more… click on www.cabin3techplus.com, our dedicated website!