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Innovative integrated filter design extends Diesel3Tech™ technology, setting new standards of performance and service convenience in both the OE and AM markets.

Guyancourt, 30th January, 2015 – Sogefi has developed a highly innovative rechargeable plastic diesel fuel filter module for vehicles built on Renault's CMF1 platform. Featuring a number of innovations, this ground-breaking approach to diesel fuel filtration sets new standards for the sector.

Using a new unique clean servicing design, which has been patented, Sogefi has integrated the filter element with the screw cap of the plastic module body to make filter installation easier and cleaner. Even more importantly, it means that the filter element does not need to be handled at any stage in the process, thereby eliminating the risk of contaminates, which could damage fragile fuel injection equipment, being introduced during servicing.

This integrated diesel filter element takes Sogefi's proprietary Diesel3Tech™ technology to the next standard, setting new levels of “ultra-clean” performance up to 97.5% and extreme water separation for the protection of fuel injection systems. The new module has further outstanding features. It incorporates a water level sensor and a 250W fuel heater to guarantee reliable starting on even the coldest mornings. The body is made entirely of plastic and, in contrast to metallic bodies, affords much improved resistance to the corrosive properties of certain biofuels. The plastic filter element can be completely incinerated after use, making it far more environmentally-friendly than the ones incorporating metals. On the CMF1 platform the module is positioned directly beside the fuel tank to enhance safety in the event of a crash.

Employing Sogefi's latest generation of proprietary space-saving Chevron-pleated filtration media, the module is so efficient that it removes virtually all particles larger than 4µm. Ready for next generation EURO6+ Injection Systems, the module will operate efficiently in both high pressure and vacuum conditions.

Starting with the latest 1.6 dCi diesel engine on the 2015 Espace, the module will be used in future versions of Renault's Laguna, Megane, Latitude, Fluence and Scenic, all of which will be launched before the third quarter of 2016. It will also be used across the French firm's diesel engine range, from the 1.5l dCi up to the V6 3.0l dCi units.

Commenting on the launch, Andrea Taschini, General Manager Sogefi Aftermarket Business Unit emphasised the significance that the company places on launching the new filter module. "Our engineers have repeatedly proven that the Sogefi advanced filter technologies are first choice for global operating OEMs, thus creating positive, sustainable results for both us and our Aftermarket customers in terms of environmental impacts, product quality and cost" he said.

Replacement filters will become available from all Sogefi aftermarket brands during 2015, well ahead of initial consumer demand. The wide range of Renault models and engines being fitted with this OE diesel filter module will create considerable demand for the Sogefi Group’s replacement filters, with the car parc expected to grow to more than
one million vehicles within the next five years.