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Guyancourt, March 3rd 2015 – Always a leader in bringing innovation to the independent aftermarket, Sogefi Group has extended its range of IAM cabin air filters for 2015, further improved the labelling on its innovative packaging and introduced a new manual with all the fitting instructions.

In recent years the cabin air filter sector has emerged as the only segment in the European filtration replacement market to consistently deliver annual growth rates well above 10%. This trend is likely to continue for the upcoming season, offering considerable profit potential to the aftermarket.

Cabin air filters are now standard on 97 out of every 100 new cars sold in Europe – whether or not they are equipped with air conditioning. Cars with cabin air filters account for over 85% of the total European car parc – a proportion set to increase even further in coming years.

Andrea Taschini, General Manager of Sogefi's Aftermarket Business Unit, says: “The growth potential of the cabin air filter segment is very large and is in line with the public's growing awareness of the value of regular filter replacement to offset environmental pollution."

Reflecting this growth potential, Sogefi has already launched aftermarket cabin air filters for many new models, including Citroën's C4 Cactus, the Mercedes C Class and BMW's all new 4 series. Other additions since last year to the already extensive list of Sogefi aftermarket products include cabin air filters for many or all versions of the following: BMW Z4; Ford Tourneo and Transit; Fiat 500L; Mercedes Benz C, GL, ML and SL; Mini One III and Cooper III; Nissan Qashqai; Peugeot 306 and 308; and Renault Clio IV.

With a proven commitment to meeting the needs of the IAM, Sogefi continues to innovate in the area of packaging and labelling. Last year it introduced transparent packaging, to aid part identification, and new recyclable labels. Now the company has further improved the labelling to provide even clearer information on the vehicle makes and models for which each part is suitable.

Cabin air filter replacement is always a quick and easy job for the service mechanic and should be part of the annual service. To help ensure correct and efficient fitting of replacement filters, Sogefi has collected all the fitting instructions for each cabin air filter in a new dedicated digital manual . These instructions, for all of its aftermarket brands – CoopersFiaam, Fram® and Purflux – are already accessible on each brand’s website and through the QR code on the part label. Through these brands, Sogefi offers the aftermarket two types of filter which closely match OE specifications. Pollen air filters screen out all particles larger than 40 microns, including bacteria, pollen and exhaust gases, while activated carbon filters screen out odours as well as particles.

Therefore, as the leading exponent of high performance filters design and manufacture – for both the OE and aftermarket sectors – Sogefi is the ideal partner for anyone seeking growth opportunities in this marketplace. Sogefi Aftermarket's comprehensive stock list includes almost 310 cabin air filter part numbers, with 32 p/ns introduced in 2014 alone, providing an impressive 95% coverage of the European car parc.