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The leading automotive parts supplier in Europe, the Sogefi Group, is now launching into the markets, its new high quality filter brand that has been exclusively tailored for light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. Sogefi Pro was first introduced to the public during Frankfurt’s Automechanika last September. From now on, the new brand will incorporate all other heavy duty filter products that previously had been offered under the names of Purflux, Fram® and CoopersFiaam. Over-all, a complete range of more than 500 P/N will be made available through Sogefi Pro, which will cover more than 90 per cent of the trucks and buses parc in Europe.

Andrea Taschini, General Manager of Sogefi Aftermarket Division
, confirmed: “With Sogefi Pro products we get more than one step closer to our customers, and make it easier than ever before for them to purchase heavy duty filters. The arrival of our heavy duty product range under the new brand name of Sogefi Pro, gives the customer an opportunity to expand their listings with our high quality components. We are a well-respected OE supplier, having achieved the expertise required to confidently provide OE quality for the Aftermarket.”

This clearly indicates our response, to the ever increasing demand in the commercial vehicle sector. The market that Sogefi Pro is aiming for, is segmented into: 78 per cent for light commercial vehicles, around 19 per cent for heavy trucks and last but not least, 3 per cent for buses. The over-all potential is approximately 10 million heavy duty units covering eight European markets.

“Car parts distributors across Europe are right now investing in this market” Mr. Taschini adds, “and not only because of the volume, it’s the fact that up to 11 different filters might be needed for just one single truck. Six of them should be changed during a year – versus only two for passenger cars.” There are several different hydraulic filters, diesel filters, oil filters, air filters and air dryers as well as cabin filters. This clearly creates an enormous commercial business opportunity for the future.

In addition to this, Sogefi Pro heavy duty filters will support the demands of the Euro VI, the latest diesel engine emission legislation being implemented by the European Commission. The Commission's proposal is for a regulation aimed at reducing emissions of both nitrogen oxides and particulate matters from trucks and buses from 2013.

The new Sogefi Pro catalogue is available to Sogefi customers upon request in a printed version and comprehensive information about the brand is also listed on the TecDoc data management tool. In addition to this, the new Sogefi Pro catalogue can be viewed online on the website: www.sogefipro.com. For more information about all of Sogefi’s aftermarket filter brands please visit www.sogefigroup.com.