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Sogefi has significantly expanded the amount of Fram®, CoopersFiaam and Purflux filter data available on the MAM catalogue database. Motor factors and distributors using MAM cataloguing will now find that Sogefi’s MAM content is as extensive as the printed catalogues for its three, OE-quality replacement filter brands.

Nigel Duffield, Sales Manager UK & Ireland, confirmed: “MAM is critical in the UK aftermarket – in fact it is used by nearly 80% of our distributor customers, in preference to our hard copy catalogues. Responding to this, Sogefi has invested significantly in improving the quantity and quality of our Fram®, CoopersFiaam and Purflux filter data available on MAM. This means that when a motor factor types in a car’s registration number to search for replacement filters, they will always have Sogefi’s facts at their fingertips.”

To expand its cataloguing, Sogefi appointed a specialist agency to match and coordinate its filter listings to MAM’s Make Model Index of the UK car parc. The resulting listings offer more precise, extensive and UK-relevant coverage, including additional part references and critical applications.

Sogefi has introduced more than 200 individual new filters and 350 new vehicle applications to each of its branded ranges in the past 18 months, following an intensive period of product development and organisational initiatives. As a result Sogefi’s oil filters now offer more than 98% coverage of the light vehicle and light commercial vehicle car parc, rising to 99% of Ford and Vauxhall applications. Its air filters deliver 94% parc coverage, including 98% of Volkswagen and Peugeot models. Sogefi’s diesel filters also offer 95% parc coverage, and its petrol filters 88% coverage. Even more filters and applications are continually being added.

Nigel continued: “Not many distributors realise that, of all the OE quality filter suppliers, Sogefi’s brands offer the highest parc coverage of oil, air, fuel and cabin air filters. They are also all-makes, including British, German and French marques. Now the expansion of our MAM data means that our cataloguing in the UK and Ireland is also at the leading edge of the market.”

Sogefi Aftermarket Business Unit is one of Europe’s major providers of both original and replacement car filters, and Europe’s leading provider of filters to the independent aftermarket. In the UK the company’s CoopersFiaam, Fram® and Purflux aftermarket brands offer a complete range of advanced, OE-quality, automotive oil, air, fuel and cabin air filters, covering all major American, European and Asian car makes.  As part of its commitment to communicating the benefits of OE quality to customers, Sogefi is part of OESAA (the Original Equipment Suppliers Aftermarket Association).  OESAA aims to increase UK garage awareness of the key differences between genuine OE parts and ‘matching quality’ parts, to help ensure professional repairs and enhance motorist understanding.