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Sogefi's advanced three-layered Diesel3Tech™ replacement fuel filters deliver best-in-market filtration performance to meet the challenge of freezing temperatures.

Guyancourt, 30th October, 2014 – Today's highly sophisticated diesel engines are extremely sensitive to both contamination and cold temperatures. A single particle of dirt can damage the entire fuel system beyond repair and inadequate maintenance can lead to droplets of water freezing in the fuel system, blocking the flow of fuel to the engine and causing serious damage.

Europe's leading manufacturer of OE and Aftermarket automotive filters, Sogefi, has the solution. Its pioneering high quality replacement diesel cartridges employ the company's proprietary Diesel3Tech™ to deliver filtration performance equivalent to OE equipment – and potentially even better.

When these replacement filters are fitted in a timely manner – before freezing temperatures arrive – car owners have the comfort of knowing they are well prepared for whatever winter brings.

Diesel3Tech™ combines three high performance filtration materials in a single element. The first two layers, which prevent particles from entering the fuel, achieve up to 95% filtration for particles down to 4μm. The third layer, made from hydrophobic (water repelling) plastic mesh, guarantees removal of up to 99% of contaminated water, irrespective of water droplet size.

Diesel3Tech™ meets the challenges posed by new diesel fuels based on ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD) and first generation bio-diesel fuels made from vegetable and animal oils – the so-called fatty acid methyl esters (FAME). These new fuels contain increased amounts of emulsified water. Smaller water droplet sizes and increased emulsion stability defeat conventional fuel/water separators, increasing the risk of damage to modern, high-pressure injection systems.

Diesel3Tech™ filter media not only suit all European diesel blends containing up to 30% biodiesel, they also meet the demands of leading car manufacturers worldwide – delivering best-in-market filtration performance.

Tests conducted by a specialist independent laboratory have proven that Sogefi's Diesel3Tech™ aftermarket diesel cartridge (Purflux C507A, CoopersFiaam FA5757A and Fram C10026A) is as efficient at separating water as the corresponding OE filter employed in cars made by Fiat and PSA Group, both achieving more than 99% efficiency at a flow rate of 160 litres per hour. However, at a rate of 200 litres per hour the Sogefi filter was actually 3% more efficient than its OE counterpart.

Andrea Taschini, General Manager of the Sogefi Aftermarket Business Unit, points out: "Only an OE quality, highly efficient fuel filter will remove all dirt, rust, scale and water that has entered the fuel from service station storage tanks or corroded fuel system components. Filtration of this standard also extends engine life and permits longer service intervals, with obvious benefits for vehicle owners."

Today Diesel3Tech™ is applied to the following Aftermarket filters: Purflux C507A, CoopersFiaam FA5757A and Fram® C10026A and Purflux C533A filter, CoopersFiaam FA6130ECO and Fram® C11781ECO. The increasing sensitivity of modern injectors and pumps to corrosion particles in fuel and the development of new types of diesel present Sogefi's R&D engineers with opportunities to extend Diesel3Tech™ technology to even more applications.

All Sogefi Aftermarket brands offer this technology. They cover 80 essential automotive applications representing over 2 million vehicles in Europe for world-leading car manufacturers.