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When the cold season is ready to leave, and the warm sunshine returns, we need to worry about unwelcome allergic reactions that can arise in spring time. Particles that are far too small to be seen by the naked eye are aggressive enough to cause discomfort like sneezing, hay fever and even possibly asthma. This could be very dangerous while driving a car. Sogefi Aftermarket cabin filters offer a simple solution.

Pollen, and any other external pollution for that matter, can be stopped with the use of Sogefi cabin air filters. Almost 95 per cent of the new vehicles in Europe are fitted with cabin air filters, regardless of whether or not they are already equipped with air conditioning. Right now, aftermarket demand for cabin air filters is continually increasing, thanks to rising driver awareness of the benefits of this health-protecting component.

Sogefi Group’s Aftermarket brands - Fram, CoopersFiaam and Purflux – offer the aftermarket two types of filter that protect against external pollution as well as any unpleasant smells:

  • The pollen air filter will stop all particles bigger than 40 microns, including bacteria, pollen and exhaust gases.
  • The activated carbon filter stops all particles, as well as odours. In addition these filters reduce the likely concentration of noxious gases that could cause both headaches and coughing. Sogefi’s high tech design of this type of filter consists of three layers: one active carbon layer, sits between two layers of non-woven fibres.

Each of these types of filter are both accessible and easily replaced. The longer cabin air filters remain in the car, the worse the accumulation of bacteria inside the vehicle becomes. This therefore lowers the flow of fresh air into the cabin. In an urban environment, filter efficiency reduces even faster, especially in traffic jams and at low speeds when exhaust gases can create a dangerous gas tunnel in the cabin. Therefore, and as with all other filters, cabin filters must be changed as standard during the yearly service.

Andrea Taschini, General Manager Sogefi Aftermarket Division is not surprised by the cabin air filter success story: “We hardly need to convince car owners about the effectiveness of our cabin air filtration products. Public awareness of the dangers of allergic reactions is well known. Therefore, this improved level of comfort while driving a car provides better health and safety protection.”

Sogefi is confident that the market for cabin air filters will expand. It is already the fastest growing filter product area, with an annual growth of over 10 per cent. The complete range boasts more than 250 references, with an impressive European car parc coverage of 95 per cent. Sogefi Aftermarket cabin air filters offer the best products for each type of vehicle – regardless of the car’s age, size and original equipment.

Sogefi Group is Europe’s leading OE and Aftermarket filter provider. It´s Fram, CoopersFiaam and Purflux aftermarket brands offer a complete range of OE quality, automotive oil, air, fuel and cabin air filters, providing coverage of all major American, European and Asian car makes. In addition to this, the recently launched Sogefi Pro brand provides OE-quality all-makes filters for commercial vehicle applications. For more information about Sogefi’s aftermarket filter brands please visit www.fram-europe.com, www.coopersfiaam.com, www.purflux.com and www.sogefipro.com.