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SOGEFI is a key player in the aftermarket but also the partner of the most demanding manufacturers, distinguishing itself by its numerous innovations in the original equipment market. Among these innovations, battery cooling and fluid management are key functions that ensure the autonomy and reliability of new vehicles.

Five years ago, SOGEFI Group committed in clean and electric mobility products. The challenges of the ecological transition are a source of sustainable growth for the company. It is also an opportunity to deploy on electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles, the skills acquired over many years on ICE vehicles.

SOGEFI innovates and develops its expertise mainly in thermal management and ventilation of batteries, distribution, filtration and management of fluids of cooling and hydrogen.
The company thus offers a complete range of solutions for electric vehicles, including:
•    Compact coolant distribution modules;
•    Cooling plates that meet the various needs of battery pack architectures;
•    Battery ventilation systems.
Its strength lies in its Eco-Efficient industrial process which uses laser welding for aluminum, greatly limiting energy consumption and resulting in weight reduction, superior mechanical strength to traditionally manufactured products.

In addition, this year SOGEFI launched a new product range for hydrogen vehicles:
HYDROGEN+, the result of its expertise in the field of Filtration and Flow Management.

With its original equipment innovations, SOGEFI confirms its strong position as a sustainable and innovative partner for the mobility of the future. Hydrogen

SOGEFI cooling module and pump for electric vehicles

The SOGEFI multi-layer cooling module distributes coolant fluid to electric motors, batteries, power electronics and other cooling components. This solution offers a large number of distribution channels allowing the integration of several connections in a single part. The specific welding technology developed by SOGEFI guarantees a high level of robustness and cleanliness.
The fully integrated cooling module with a modular approach for several applications including water pumps, electric valves, temperature sensors and degassing tank, optimizes the space requirement, routing and overall weight of the function.


SOGEFI electric valves for electric vehicles

The SOGEFI electric valve can contain up to 4 ways. It distributes the coolant in the module or is integrated directly into the vehicle’s coolant regulation circuit. Compact design, it can be adapted to the demands of sealing and flow. Its low-friction materials reduce torque.


SOGEFI battery cooling plates for electric vehicles

SOGEFI’s extruded or hydroformed laser-welded designs are produced with 97% and 99% lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions respectively compared to traditional brazed solutions. The manufacturing process retains the mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy, opening the door to lighter, stronger cooling plate designs. SOGEFI’s cooling plate technologies offer many other advantages:
•    an improved delta temperature thanks to a counter-current management solution (alternative direction of flow),
•    a large cooling surface area by continuously joined profiles,
•    a flexible manufacturing process with low tooling costs.

The SOGEFI hybrid cooling plate, composed of two plates, one in aluminum and the other in composite, offers an alternative to all-aluminum solutions and aims to be lighter and more insulating.

systeme de ventillation

SOGEFI battery ventilation systems for electric vehicle

The SOGEFI solution can combine up to 3 functions in one. It regulates the pressure within the battery pack to avoid internal suppressions, it protects the battery from dust and water, and finally provides high flow emergency degassing in case of cell in the event of a battery cells malfunction.