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Sogefi has released the complete filter range - fuel, oil, engine air and cabin air filters - for the new BMW X2 under the aftermarket brand CoopersFiaam.

The BMW X2 made its global debut at the beginning of 2018, quickly entering in the top sales of the compact luxury SUV segment.

Today the CoopersFiaam aftermarket customers can order the complete filter range for the different engine versions with the codes: engine air PA7822, oil FA6146ECO, diesel FP6147 and cabin air filters PC8408-2 / PCK8408-2.

Sogefi strives to make all filters available for the independent aftermarket a few months after the vehicle release. In conjunction with its continuous customer support, Sogefi is committed to constantly update product lines and maximize logistic, marketing, commercial and promotional support.
The brands portfolio offers added value to all customers in terms of product quality, service experience, repair networks, and customer care.

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