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Guyancourt, July 24, 2013 – Optimal engine performance and a reduced environmental footprint go hand in hand, say the filtration experts at Sogefi Group. The car's air intake plays a key role especially during dusty summer times. That is why drivers should regularly change the air filters on their vehicles and only use OE-quality replacements.

Every hour a car spends on the road, it can draw in up to 500 m3 of air. Contained within that air are a wide range of organic and inorganic particles that are particularly present in summer time. These particles, as well as oily exhaust gas from other cars, can all end up in the engine compartment. The result: lowered engine performance and possible premature wear-and-tear on engine components. Such replacements can end up in being quite expensive.

To avoid any problems, air filters should be changed regularly during the annual inspection. "Our filters are designed to remove contaminants, which in turn protect the engine and optimise vehicle performance and fuel economy whilst minimising environmental pollution," states Andrea Taschini, General Manager Sogefi Aftermarket Division. Sogefi Group has long experience in this particular field. The leading automotive equipment supplier produces premium air filters for OE and the Aftermarket under the brand names Purflux, Fram® and CoopersFiaam. Air filters represent Sogefi´s biggest filter range with over 500 references and impressive car parc coverage of 98 per cent.

To ensure optimal engine performance, the technology of air filters must be cutting edge. The critical factors are the filtration surface, the quality of filtration media and the way it is pleated to ensure optimal flow. The media used must be resistant to shocks and vibration, made of recyclable materials and often flame retardant. An OE-quality air filter also contributes to lower air intake noises as well as preventing water from being sucked in.

Sogefi Group experts suggest a change of air filter every 2 years or 30,000 kilometres, and more often for vehicles driving in urban traffic, at low speed and those which are regularly stuck in traffic jams. Since air filters are easy to access and require no special tools for replacement, they should be a natural step in a car's seasonal inspection. The driver will certainly appreciate a smoother car performance, higher output, lower fuel consumption and improved driving experience.

Sogefi´s Aftermarket air filters are listed in TecDoc Electronic Catalogue and are TecCom compatible. More information is provided as a printed version, online and in CD Rom catalogues as well as on the brands’ websites: www.fram-europe.com, www.coopersfiaam.com, www.purflux.com and www.sogefipro.com.