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As a preferred partner of the world's main automotive manufacturers, the Group ha a footprint both in the OE and the OES / IAM markets.

30 ans

The Sogefi Group celebrated the 30th anniversary of its foundation at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders in Milan on 19 April 2011.

Established in Mantova thirty years ago, today the Sogefi Group is a world leader in suspension components and filter systems. The Group has 36 production plants and is present in 13 countries across 4 continents.

The Group’s activities are split into three divisions: suspensions, filters, aftermarket. From a first consolidated balance sheet total of €53 million in 1985, the Sogefi Group turnover has grown to €924.7 million in 2010. The number of employees has also increased steadily and now stands at approximately 6,000 people.

At present the Sogefi Group has 27 subsidiaries and the following companies are part of the Filter Division: Filtrauto S.A. (France), Sogefi Filtration do Brasil Ltda, Sogefi Filtration Argentina S.A., Sogefi Filtration Ltd (United Kingdom), Sogefi Filtration S.A. (Spain) and Sogefi Rejna S.p.A. (Italy). The Group has a majority shareholding in two joint ventures in China (Shanghai Sogefi Auto Parts Co. Ltd) and in India (Sogefi MNR Filtration Ltd).

In the suspension business the subsidiaries under Sogefi Group control are: Allevard Rejna Autosuspensions S.A. and United Springs S.A.S. (France), Allevard Molas do Brasil Ltda, Allevard Rejna Argentina S.A. and Allevard Sogefi USA Inc.

Since its inception, the Sogefi Group has focused primarily on researching innovative technological solutions to improve product quality and performance, as well as promoting lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

A corporate brochure has been published to mark the Group’s 30th anniversary.